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Flower Fanatic

Plants are my passion! I am Stacie Martin, the horticulturist in charge of the plants at Tulsa’s new park on the river, Gathering Place. 

Many people are curious about horticulture, mainly asking “What is it? What kind of work do you do?” Horticulturists are plant people! It is a blend of art and science. We garden to make sure landscapes and plants are beautiful and healthy, which includes everything from trees, flowers, turfgrass, meadows and more. At Gathering Place, we have a team of people to make sure the plants in the park are beautiful for visitors and represent the landscape designer’s vision.

Horticulture has offered me a wide range of experience: I have worked in an arboretum, botanical garden, conservatory, city parks and on reforestation projects. I seek out flowers everywhere. I always stop at a park or garden when I travel and always try to find ways to add colorful flowers in my personal garden. Additionally, I enjoy growing food, and providing plants that benefit the environment and wildlife. Plant conservation is a passion of mine and I also love ecology.

I look forward to more fun on my blog, Leaf It to Stacie! Check back often to see posts with a variety of topics including the landscape of the park, Oklahoma’s unique plant pallete, ecology and plant conservation. Plus, you’ll get some good gardening tips for your local garden!

Fun Fact: Did you know Oklahoma has 11 different eco-regions? Many of them are represented in the park's landscape including the crosstimbers and tallgrass prairie.