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Gathering Place App

Gathering Place App

Download the official Gathering Place app today, it’s free thank you to a partnership with AARP Oklahoma. Get access to an interactive Park map, daily activities and schedules, exclusive Park facts and much more. Have everything you need for an amazing experience at Gathering Place right in the palm of your hand!


Explore the Park

Want to know where Mist Mountain is? How about Swing Hill? The Gathering Place App has the complete map on and even tracks your location via GPS so you won’t get lost on your way to your next adventure. Simply click “Park Map” on the left-hand side of the App screen to see where you are and find where you want to go next. The more you explore, the more fun facts you’ll learn about Gathering Place through push notifications!


Daily Schedule

If you love to read with your kids, you’ll want to come to one of our weekly Story Times. Or do you want to see who’s performing tonight on the QuikTrip Great Lawn? How about when the next Pro Skate Boarders are coming to try out our world-class skate park? There is always something to do at Gathering Place! Check out this feature on the App when planning your next visit so you don’t miss a second of the fun.


Photo Booth

Capture memories that will last a lifetime with our interactive Photo Booth. With a variety of event-themed frames, you can have a unique picture from each visit Gathering Place. Don’t forget to share your photos on social media using the hashtag #gathertulsa! 

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