At-Home Activities
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At-Home Activities

At-Home Activities

While we continue to practice social distancing, Gathering Place is offering free, interactive videos and educational activities for all ages to enjoy online!  From backyard adventures to indoor entertainment, Gathering Place offers at-home, fun activities and collaborative programs for you and your family to enjoy together anytime, anywhere.



Stay up-to-date on everything Gathering Place by tuning in to Gathering Place TV! Watch virtual Story Times, dance along with new music videos and learn more about plants growing in the Park by clicking Gathering Place TV



Art Start

Create fun and innovative art projects at home with our Art Start At-Home Activities! Expand your creativity and make a one-of-a-kind masterpiece using common household supplies. Don't forget to share your artwork with us by using #TulsaTogether and #ArtStart!

January At-Home Activity

February At-Home Activity

2020 Art Start At-Home Activities



Add a splash of color to your imagination with Gathering Place coloring sheets! Click the coloring sheet name to view and print. 



Create educational opportunities in your home that will engage your family and spark their creativity using our curriculum guide!  Click the curriculum name to view and print.

  • K-2nd Grade

    • Explore shapes, colors, letters, and numbers found in nature! A discovery walk through nature can serve as an opportunity to help students learn examination skills and be more healthy, happy, and creative. Time spent outdoors can benefit children’s emotional well-being, help to improve their learning abilities, increase attentiveness, reduce stress and anxiety, and teach children to appreciate the wonders of a natural environment.


Gather and Read On Wheels goes virtual with our new G.R.O.W. At-Home Activity! Create a literacy-based project using common household items and check out our list of themed books that go along with the At-Home Activity available on the Tulsa City-County Library website or app. 

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Now is a great time to download TCCL free app and listen to audiobooks, music, and more. You can find directions for downloading the app HERE.



Bring the fun of Move, Groove & Gather into your home with our At-Home Activity! Create your own percussion instruments using common household items, then make music and memories with your family.

January At-Home Activity

February At-Home Activity

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Bring the adventure and curiosity of STEAM Saturday into your home with our new At-Home Activities! Get creative and test your problem-solving skills while using common household supplies.

January STEAM At-Home Activity

February STEAM At-Home Activity

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Backyard family NATURE WALK 

Gathering Place is home to a huge variety of wildlife because the park is a wonderful habitat with plenty of resources. With our Backyard Family Nature Walk Guide, you can explore and discover wildlife living near your home! These fun, family activities will spark your observational and critical thinking skills, as well as help you develop an eye for detail. 

The Backyard Nature Walk Guide is great for families to work on together, or for children 6 and up to try independently.

January At-Home Activity

February At-Home Activity

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Get some fresh air and discover new organisms growing in your backyard or garden using one of our Nature Bingo sheets! Click the sheet name to view and print. 


Discover new ways to explore the Park on your next visit to Gathering Place with our Self-Guided Park Activities! From scavenger hunts to wellness guides, each easy-to-follow activity offers a unique, outdoor experience for all ages. Click HERE to view Park Activities!