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Chapman Adventure Playground
Williams Lodge
ONEOK Boathouse
Mist Mountain
QuikTrip Great Lawn
SemGroup Sports Courts
Skate Park
Midland Valley Trail
Four Seasons Garden
Slide Vale
Swing Hill
Peggy's Pond and the Wetland Gardens
Garden Path Bridge
Sky Garden
Willow Beach
Riverview Lawn
Nature Trail
Pine Valley
King Post Bridge

Chapman Adventure Playground

H.A. and Mary K. Chapman Charitable Foundation

Open 9 a.m. to Dusk

Chapman Adventure Playground is the place for kids to learn through play. In this five-acre kingdom, you will be transported to a magical land where anything is possible. Kids can let their imaginations run wild by exploring the playground’s signature towers, slides, climbing features, play gardens, sand lot and water areas.  Chapman Adventure Playground contains elements to engage children at various developmental levels and with different physical abilities.

Chapman Adventure Playground is located in close proximity to large shade trees to ensure that children can play safely and comfortably, despite the summer heat. Similarly, caregivers will appreciate the shade, generous seating and easy access to parking and restrooms.

Spiral Connector

H.A. and Mary K. Chapman Charitable Foundation

The Spiral Connector is one of the most iconic realms in the Park.  These majestic towers, seven in total, are specifically designed to encourage physical play while stimulating the imagination. With a series of climbing structures, slides, suspension bridges, puzzles and instruments, each tower is completely different and promises a unique experience each visit. 

Land of the River Giants

Hille Foundation

This larger than life feature takes imagination to the next level! Ride the slides of the Blue Herons, climb in and out of the Paddlefish, and feel the sensation of floating in the cradle swings. These Oklahoma native creatures bring a one-of-a-kind experience while reminding us of the natural beauty throughout the Park. 

Skywalk Forest

Kathy Craft Grandchildren 

Located on the west side of Adventure Playground, Skywalk Forest takes adventure to new heights. From thrilling slides to unique net climbing structures, the play opportunities are sky high. Skywalk Forest pathways float twenty feet above the ground level, and one even crosses above the sidewalk to Caterpillar Bridge. 

Fun Fact: Did you know the trees removed during Gathering Place’s construction were recycled into play features and furniture in Adventure Playground? Those trees will continue to live on in the Park and now they will have a new story to be told!

Fairyland Forest 

Patricia and Donald Hardin and Family 

Fairyland Forest is a special section of Adventure Playground that brings fairytales to life. This networked series of tiny houses invites preschoolers in for an enchanting experience. 


Stuart Family Foundation

Built with toddlers in mind, Volcanoville is a padded play area with low level climbing elements and bright colors specially designed to engage and stimulate your child's mind. Toddlers 6-24 months of age will increase their cognitive abilities while learning through play. 

Fun Fact: Did you know that areas of Adventure Playground are specifically designed for educational programming? There will be so many fun-filled educational programs in the Park – your family won’t want to miss out!

Ramble Sensory Garden

Nadel and Gussman Energy, LLC Adelson and Heyman Families

The principles of STEM education (Science – Technology – Engineering – Math) take a leading role in our Sensory Garden. This special area encourages questions like “How does it work?” and “How can it do that?” A labyrinth of hands-on elements, such as mirrors, a giant spinning boulder and amplified voice features, will provoke curiosity in this wonderland all its own. 

The Reading Tree

public service company of Oklahoma

Between The Patio and the edge of Chapman Adventure Playground lies the Gathering Place Reading Tree. Known to be the oldest and largest cottonwood tree in the park, the Reading Tree is the site for educational programming based on the principles of Talking is Teaching. Literacy programming such as singalong performances and story time will provide fun for families with children from birth through fifth grade.

Cottonwood Lawn

Zinke Family

This luscious green grass surrounding the Reading Tree is one of the best places to have a picnic, group story time or just kick back and enjoy the outdoors underneath the shade of the Reading Tree. Don't forget to bring your favorite book!

Charlie's Water Mountain

Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation


10 a.m. - Dusk

Charlie’s Water Mountain is one of many elements within the Park that has been designed specifically to provide an exciting and active way to beat the heat. Located next to Picnic Grove and the Adventure Playground, this play feature is the perfect way to cool off during a summer day. Charlie's Water Mountain includes a spray area, mist area, tunnels, dams and streams, a water lab and the water plaza. 

Picnic Grove

Unit Corporation

Playing hard can really increase your appetite! Take a break in the shade and refuel your energy at Picnic Grove. Hidden on the south end of Chapman Adventure Playground, Picnic Grove is the perfect spot to unpack a quick snack or eat a full meal with the family. It has tables and chairs of all sizes made from recycled trees and is located behind the cabanas by the Chapman Adventure Playground Towers, so you can jump right back into playing as soon as you’re ready.

Williams Lodge

Open 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Williams Lodge is one of two iconic buildings in Gathering Place. This welcoming building anchors various Park activities by offering amenities such as restrooms, cafes, educational activity rooms and indoor lounge spaces with eclectic furnishings. Primarily made of stone floors and glass windows to give you an unobstructed view of the Park, Williams Lodge is designed to be a space that naturally inspires conversation.   

Fun fact: One of the most distinctive features of Williams Lodge is its two-story fireplace that offers a large semicircle bench so visitors can sit inside and warm up on a cold day.


The Patio


Open 11 a.m. - 10 p.m.

Located on the east side of Williams Lodge, The Patio offers a quick-service dining menu where you can relax and enjoy a delightful meal outdoors under mature trees. With seating for around two hundred, The Patio is the perfect setting to enjoy a meal, snack or cold beverage after a full day in the Park. 

Redbud Cafe

Open 9 a.m. - 10 p.m.

Redbud Cafe is located on the bottom floor of Williams Lodge. Here you can enjoy the three C's: coffee, creamery and candy. Satisfy any craving with gourmet snacks, ice cream, coffee or a variety of sweet treats all made in-house daily. 

Williams Lodge visitors arriving by car can be dropped off at the porte-cochere, which leads to our Welcome Center. In addition to the earthy views from the glassed-in solarium, you will find delicious culinary offerings on the lower level of Williams Lodge and outside on the upper level patio. 

Fun fact: Did you know that the Lodge floors are a rare Oklahoma sandstone called Wildhorse Swirl stone? This stunning rock was harvested from McCurtain County Oklahoma and gives the Park buildings their distinctive, natural look.


ONEOK Boathouse

Open 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Aside from amazing meals, a diverse range of ages and interests are drawn to the multi-generational programming offered within the middle level of the Boathouse. The Cabinet of Wonder resides in this area of ONEOK Boathouse, acting as an educational space for all ages as well as a social gathering space. 

Why is it called ONEOK Boathouse? Because you can actually check out paddle boats, kayaks and canoes from the lower level of this iconic building. Paddle along Peggy’s Pond and enjoy a new view of the Park.

Fun Fact: Gathering Place was built with sustainability at the forefront and ONEOK Boathouse is no exception. Materials with high recycled content were used whenever possible as well as FSC certified wood. The thermal performance of the building is noteworthy thanks to insulated materials and glass. Energy use will further be reduced through daylight and occupant sensor lighting controls.

Vista at the Boathouse

Vista at the Boathouse, the Boathouse Restaurant, offers an elegant dining experience at an affordable price, perfect for date night or a fun family dinner. Our Gathering Place Chefs will prepare meals that are fresh and seasonal to keep your palette entertained throughout the year. The uppermost level of the building, the Overlook Deck, offers views of the Arkansas River and downtown Tulsa as well as an outdoor terrace where guests can dine as they take in the scenery.

Mist Mountain



10 a.m. - Dusk

Mist Mountain is one of several elements within the Park that was designed specifically to provide an exciting and active way to beat the heat. Take time to hydrate and engage in Mist Mountain's various water features, including soaring water cannons, leaping jets of water, mist areas and interactive water fountains. It is simply wateriffic!

Proximity to the Lodge provides access to clothes changing areas, restrooms and food and drink concessions, making it easy and comfortable to transition from wet activities to dry ones, further extending your family’s day in the Park.

Fun fact: Mist Mountain's elevated deck is one of many beautiful views in the Park and provides an intimate spot to enjoy Tulsa sunsets. 

The Landing

Bank of Oklahoma

The Landing is a not-so-hidden gem of Gathering Place. This peaceful dock stretches out onto Peggy's Pond offering breathtaking views of Williams Lodge, the Wetland Gardens and Tulsa sunsets. 

Water Maze

T.D. Williamson

Located just south of Mist Mountain, Water Maze brings an artistic splash unlike other water feature or splash pad. Programmed to shoot sheets of water up almost seven feet high, making a walls of water. As guests walk through, different water walls shoot up around them, creating a maze like activity that will entertain for hours on end.


QuikTrip Great Lawn

At the heart of Gathering Place are three expansive lawns: QuikTrip Great Lawn, Riverview Lawn and Lakeview Lawn. These large multifunctional spaces will be favorite spaces for concerts, picnics, Frisbee, reading and relaxing. Many exciting events for all ages will take place on the lawns, providing a recreational connection between Gathering Place, the city and the riverfront system.

A land bridge connects QuikTrip Great Lawn to Lakeview Lawn with a continuous landscaped space. Even though the Park spans Riverside Drive, there will be no sense of interruption related to passing over the roadway.  

Built out into the Arkansas River, Lakeview Lawn (opening in Phase II) will create a unique moment within the existing River Parks trail system. This area will open up a generous landscape space, creating a gently sloped lawn that makes the water’s edge accessible. 

Fun fact: The three lawns combined offer five acres of green space.

Sports Courts

SemGroup Corporation

Get your blood pumping with a game of basketball, volleyball, street soccer or street hockey. Gathering Place’s Sports Courts are located at the southernmost part of the Park with easy access from Riverside Drive and parking so you can spend an afternoon there or jump in for a quick pickup game. The courts offer an amazing space for both organized and casual players, as well as fans and spectators. In the evening, the courts are equipped with night-lights so the fun does not have to end early.

Skate Park

Skate your heart out, Tulsa! Active recreation and outdoor social spaces are vital for thriving communities, and we cannot wait for you to catch air in this adrenaline-filled area. The Skate Park has easy access to parking and is immaculately lit up in the evening to provide a safe experience.

The Skate Park is a high-grade addition that the pros cannot wait to test out! With beginner through advanced courses, riders at all levels will be sure to find their flow.  

Fun Fact: Across the river, the Public Service Company of Oklahoma’s vintage sign lights up in the evening  providing an added urban-chic appeal. Aesthetically, there is no better place to skate and no better backdrop than the Arkansas River.

Midland Valley Trail 

The Midland Valley Trail is now better than ever! This historic trail runs through Gathering Place and connects Tulsa’s downtown with the riverfront. The passage preserves the direct flow of bicycles and pedestrians along the trail while also providing access to the slower pace of Park trails and programs. Passing between Swing Hill and Sky Garden, under the Garden Path Bridge, the Midland Valley Trail provides a distinctive moment of breathtaking landscape before opening up to the water.

Fun fact: How did the trail get its name? It follows the abandoned rail corridor once used by the Midland Railroad!

Four Seasons Garden

Richard A. Williford Family

Richard A. Williford Family Four Seasons Garden feels like a world all its own. Take a short walk through towering rock formations topped with plants that meander downward. This unique garden connects the Sky Garden bridge to 31st Street and is reminiscent of Chandler Park. A great place to sit and catch your breath amid the energy of the Park, the Four Seasons Garden provides protection from the summer sun as it artfully celebrates the native landscape.

Fun fact: Did you know there are 1,000 lineal feet of rock in the Four Seasons Garden?

Slide Vale

Laredo Petroleum

Laredo Petroleum Slide Vale was built with two words in mind: serious fun.

Separate from the five-acre Chapman Adventure Playground, Slide Vale offers an exciting surprise that some visitors might discover purely by accident. After that first visit, you’ll want to come back again and again to partake in this unique hillside adventure which slopes down to Peggy’s Pond.

Fun Fact: Slide Vale is actually made up of four thrilling slides. One special slide, referred to as the Rabbit Hole, actually goes underground!

Swing Hill

fw murphy family foundation

Experience pure exhilaration as you swing up and down from the highest point in the Park with an unobstructed view of downtown Tulsa. FW Murphy Family Foundation Swing Hill is an important part of a larger play network within the Gathering Place that provides a completely different experience in a unique space. 

Swing Hill is arranged as a circuit of interesting play opportunities that frame a central lawn area. Play and relaxation opportunities coupled with the outstanding views from this location are sure to make you want to stick around and socialize. Don’t forget, swinging is an activity for all ages!

This highly accessible area is directly adjacent to the restaurant on the upper level of ONEOK Boathouse with connections to the Hilltop Passage.

Fun fact: How high is the highest point at Swing Hill? About 56 feet of elevation above the pond and river levels!

Peggy's Pond and the Wetland Gardens

Charles and Peggy Stephenson family foundation

Check out a paddle boat, kayak or canoe from the ONEOK Boathouse and spend the afternoon on Peggy’s Pond. This tranquil water feature winds around and connects both Park buildings,  Williams Lodge and ONEOK Boathouse. Peggy’s Pond is fed by both groundwater and runoff water from our Wetland Gardens, which is on the north side of the Park. In order to provide the highest possible water quality, our Wetland Gardens area is used to filter out pollutants from storm water runoff before the water is released into the pond. Take a walk through the Wetland Gardens and see the beauty of the tranquil waters. 

Fun fact: Did you know that Peggy's Pond holds over six million gallons of water? 

Garden Path Bridge

aaon, inc.

Spanning over Pine Valley, the Garden Path Bridge facilitates Park connections and eliminates potential conflicts between pedestrians, bikers and runners along the trail. Linking the higher elevations for the Sky Garden and Swing Hill, the bridge offers a moment to look down the small valley of the trail, out to the Riverfront, as well as building up to the Park’s highest point at Swing Hill from which downtown Tulsa is visible.

Sky Garden 

the helmerich trust

A homage to the dramatic Oklahoma sky, The Helmerich Trust Sky Garden provides an intense horticultural moment of Gingko trees, showy blooms and shrubs among distinctive walkways. This is a space to visit frequently due to the variety of seasonal flowers carefully selected by our Director of Horticulture. 

Gardening is a passion shared by all ages. This hilltop is a source of inspiration for the home gardener or a special place for those who love plants, but don’t have the time, inclination or the space for big scale gardening. The Sky Garden is accessible by car, with convenient parking nearby, or by crossing Riverside Drive by foot along a new pedestrian bridge.

Willow Beach

cancer treatment centers of america

Who said Tulsa can't have a beach? Cancer Treatment Centers of America Willow Beach offers a soft sand bank that leads directly into Peggy's Pond. From sandcastles to picnics, everyone can find their own way to relax and enjoy the sand between their toes. 


Riverview Lawn 

william s. smith charitable trust

The William S. Smith Charitable Trust Riverview Lawn is a lovely lawn valley that slopes gently down from the Riverfront Trail along the edge of the Skate Bowl, toward the water. The space will feel slightly protected, by virtue of the tree lines on either side and the concave slope of the land while providing broad views to the lower face of the dam and the active waters of the river. 

Nature Trail

wpx energy

WPX Energy Nature Trail provides direct access to the natural environment of the Arkansas riverfront. A path leading from the Skate Bowl winds itself down into the existing rocky landscape at the river’s edge. Venture with family and friends under Riverside Drive and down to the riverfront nature path. It will provide an excellent opportunity for further learning about fluvial landscapes.

Pine Valley


Running below The Helmerich Trust Sky Garden, AAON, Inc. Pine Valley is a portion of the Midland Valley Trail with some of the prettiest views of Gathering Place. Joggers and bikers can continue their journey through the Park without worrying about potential conflicts with Gathering Place guests. Pine Valley is the perfect way for trail users to stay in their groove while also enjoying the Park.

King Post Bridge


A bridge with personality, Halliburton King Post Bridge takes guests back in time. With the A-frame structure and rustic urban flare, this bridge is the perfect combination of imagination and sophistication. Enjoy breathtaking views of the QuikTrip Great Lawn, Peggy’s Pond and Tulsa sunsets that can only be seen from atop the Bridge. Stretching over Peggy’s Pond, King Post Bridge connects Chapman Adventure Playground to ONEOK Boathouse.