Boathouse Accessibility
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Boathouse Accessibility

ONEOK Boathouse

The ONEOK Boathouse offers a mixture of social and educational spaces as well as multi-generational programming, drawing a diverse range of ages and interests. The uppermost level of the building gives amazing views of the Arkansas River and Downtown Tulsa from an enclosed restaurant and outdoor terraces with a contemporary take on the traditional boathouse as the base of the building. 

Both the Nature Center and the Cabinet of Wonder multifunctional display space reside in the Middle Level of the Boathouse. The Boathouse is located near the Pond and offers opportunities to rent canoes, kayaks and paddle boats. Ramps and elevators are provided for wheelchair access.

Boat Operation

The boat attraction consists of individual, free-floating paddle boats, canoes, and kayaks. The paddle boats are paddled with foot pedals similar to a bicycle and guided individually with a tiller. One rider must be able to reach the pedals and pedal the boat sufficiently.

The kayaks and canoes are operated with guest-propelled oars. One rider must be able to use the oars and navigate the boat sufficiently.

All boats are subject to several degrees of motion dependent upon water movement and wind. All riders must wear a properly fitted and secured life vest.

Ride Access

Guests using wheelchairs will be required to transfer from their wheelchair to a boat. Guests traveling in ECV’s should transfer to the courtesy wheelchair provided near the life vest station prior to going onto the dock. 

Age Restrictions

Guests must be ages 5+ to ride. All riders between the ages of 5-13 must be accompanied by a supervising companion. Guests cannot have infants, babies or toddlers on their lap while operating the boats, kayaks or canoes.

Ride Restrictions

For your safety, you should ride only if you are in good health. Guests who know or suspect that may be pregnant, have high blood pressure, heart conditions, neck or back problems, recent surgery, prone to motion sickness, or any other impairment or medical condition that may be affected by the features of this ride or prevent the normal seating, shall not ride.

Physical Restrictions

Each rider must be able to remain sitting up straight, keeping their head upright, their back and shoulders against the seat back and their hands, arms, legs, and feet down and inside the ride at all times. Guests with a cervical collar, neck brace or broken collarbone will not be permitted to ride. All casts must fit inside the boat. At least one guest in the boat must be able to grip with one functioning hand and brace with one functional leg. All guests must be able to effectively use the personal flotation devices provided at the ride. At least one guest must be able to pedal the boat sufficiently.

Assistance Animals

Service animals are permitted provided the guest and animal fit comfortably and safely inside the boat. Guest must provide a life vest for their service animal to accompany them on the boats.