Bunker Cage Art
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Bunker Cage Art

Bunker Cage Art Installation

By Elizabeth Downing

Thousands of fabric leaves hang from the wall in the offices at Gathering Place in an installation inspired by the redbud leaf, stillness and the changing of seasons. Artist Elizabeth Downing uses a combination of layered shapes, repeating patterns and color gradients to create a meditative view of change.

“Through fiber-based installations, my work explores how surfaces tell stories of what lies physically and temporally beneath,” said Downing. “Invisible elements are made manifest in natural elements like the surface of water and patterns of tree leaves. Using ubiquitous subjects such as sidewalks, pond reflections, and tree leaves, this body of work asks what happens to us amongst change.”

Downing said the theme of “change” is also an inspiration for her work in both a visual sense and in the aesthetics, this piece brings. “This piece parallels, compliments and emphasizes the changes that the Gathering Place has made to the physical space it occupies as well as the Tulsa community.”

Downing worked with colors that she believed would best reflect the natural elements of the Park, from the sky, trees, and water. She took elements from the Gathering Place logo as a starting point for the shapes in the piece. All of the elements combined create a beautiful piece of art that will continue to inspire and spark creativity.


Elizabeth Downing’s photography and fiber art explores the unseen elements of the everyday world. She has exhibited her photographic work several six solo shows and dozens of group and invitational exhibitions in Oklahoma for the past ten years.

Elizabeth grew up in Texas and moved to Vermont to attend Middlebury College. During this time, she was drawn to the conspicuous minimalism of snowy winters and began photographing her surroundings. Today, Elizabeth lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where she documents the textures of urbanity and develops photography- and fiber-based installation art. Elizabeth has been an active member of the arts and social services non-profit community and currently serves on the Board of Directors at the United Way. She is the CFO of Avansic: E-Discovery and Digital Forensics, headquartered in downtown Tulsa.

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