Canoe Art
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Canoe Art

Canoe Art

During a visit in the warmer months, guests can enjoy paddle boats, kayaks, and canoes on Peggy’s Pond from ONEOK Boathouse. What makes this unique experience even more special is that each canoe is wrapped with the artwork of a local artist. These wraps are from images of original artwork by local artists below. Next time you are near the ONEOK Boathouse, be on the lookout for the one of a kind canoes that can only be found at Gathering Place. Click HERE for more information about boat rentals.



Codak Smith (b. 1974)

Incinerate, 2017
Aerosol, pen & ink and hemp yarn on wood

48” x 48”







Bob Sober (b. 1950)

Flower Beetle (Heterorrhina sexmaculata), 2015
Digital image printed on aluminum

40” x 60”


Daniel Sutliff (b. 1981)

Cascade, 2018

Digital art print

48” x 48”


Florine Demosthene

Untitled,  2018

Ink on mylar



Jave Yoshimoto, (b. 1974)

Baptism of Concrete Estuary, 2012

Gouache on paper

42" x 366"


JP Morrison Lans, (b. 1984)

Winter Conpendium, 2006

Mixed media on paper

12” x 16”


Kalyn Fay Barnoski, (b. 1990)

peeking, 2018

Acrylic on concrete

47’ x 14’


Molly Murphy Adams, (b. 1977)

Medicine Plants, 2008

Beadwork on hand dyed wool

26" x 18"


Monty Little, (b. 1983)

Contingency Combs Memory VIII, 2018

Oil on panel

17” x 17” x 1.5”


Taylor Painter-Wolfe, (b. 1981)

City on a Grid, 2018

Handmade, hand-dyed felt and thread

45" x 45"


Tony A. Tiger, (b. 1964)

Metamorphosis, 2016

Acrylic on stacked panel with serigraph on paper

30” x 60” x 4.5”


Whitney Forsyth, (b. 1969)

All Things New,  2018

Ceramic, oil patina

17’ x 7’ x 3”


Yatika Fields, (b. 1980)

Rivers Edge, 2017

Oil on canvas

38” x 38”