Fifth Anniversary Celebration
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A Park For All: 

Celebrating 5 Years of Gathering Place 

Story submissions now open through June 30!  


This September, Gathering Place will celebrate its fifth anniversary! As a park for all, Gathering Place has become a world-renowned destination while also being, first and foremost, a park for all Tulsans to experience adventure, educational events and entertainment, community building, acres of green space, and so much more—for free. 

 To commemorate the milestone, Gathering Place is celebrating the community in a series of digital stories titled “A Park For All: Celebrating 5 Years of Gathering Place, that will highlight people who have cherished memories of the park. 

 From now through June 30, the Tulsa community is invited to submit a story of their own in 300 words or less. Each selected story, along with a portrait of the storyteller, will be featured on Gathering Place’s Facebook (@gathertulsa) and Instagram (@gathertulsa) pages throughout the summer leading up to the park’s fifth anniversary on September 8.  

 In September, the stories will culminate into a special exhibit and celebration in ONEOK Boathouse that will highlight each storyteller featured on social media. The exhibit will be open to the public beginning Saturday, September 9.  


You’re Invited to Share Your Story 

 Do you have a story to tell from your time spent at Gathering Place? We want to hear it! Use the prompts below to help you tell us your Gathering Place story in 300 words or less.  

  • What is your favorite memory or experience from Gathering Place? 

  • What do you like about Gathering Place and why?  

  • How does Gathering Place inspire you to get involved in the Tulsa community? 

  • What does “a park for all” mean to you and how does Gathering Place serve (or not serve) this mission? 

  • How does Gathering Place bring joy to you?  

  • How do you hope Gathering Place transforms in the next five years? 

Tulsapeople photo contest

Gathering Place goers can also participate in a photo contest hosted by TulsaPeople Magazine. From June 1 to June 30, entries for photos in five categoriesnature and gardens, events, playgrounds, sports, and architecturewill be accepted on Winning photographs will appear in the September 2023 issue of TulsaPeople Magazine and on its digital platforms as well as in the park during the anniversary celebration. The top photographer in each category will win a $250 Shop & Dine package from TulsaPeople. 

Click here to enter the contest!