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Building A Small City

Those who have witnessed the building of Gathering Place compare the scale of the project to the construction of a small city. It’s no surprise that with such intricate design and complex architecture, the project took several years to complete. For such a task, there was no construction company better equipped to manage this complicated build than Crossland Construction Company.

Through the hottest and coldest days of those years, Crossland Construction Company crews powered through to ensure Gathering Place was built to perfection. On any given day, between 150 to 500 construction staff  worked on the massive jobsite. Over the years, these employees became an extended part of the Gathering Place family.

With more than 1,500 employees across 37 states, Crossland’s expertise brought the vision for the Park to life. This family-owned, general contracting firm is ranked one of ENR Magazine’s Top 100 Contractors in the United States and one of the top 250 largest contractors in the world. Thank you, Crossland Construction, for your dedication to a project that will enrich the lives of Tulsa’s residents and visitors forever.

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