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NOW OPEN - Discovery Lab

Learn, make, explore, and design at Discovery Lab! Located at the southeast corner of 31st Street and Riverside Drive, Discovery Lab is an interactive museum that inspires children, connects families, and builds community through exploration, exhibits, programming, and play. Guests will enter a world of wonder when they crawl through tape tunnels, make music, manipulate fog, and more.


Founded in 2007, Discovery Lab is a nonprofit children’s museum. The organization was initially established as a museum without walls. Six years later, the museum opened its first facility in the historic Owen Park Recreation Center. In January 2022, Discovery Lab moved to their new 57,000 square foot building at Gathering Place. Discovery Lab is a Tulsa staple for curious young minds and family outings.

  • The Central Gallery is the main hub for your Discovery Lab visit. Crawl through the famous Tape Tunnels as you scope out your visit.

  • In the Math and Music exhibit, guests will understand the science behind songs. Make your own composition with turntables, a MIDI table, and a Hammock Chime. When you’ve finished creating your masterpiece, visit the Energy exhibit to learn about the engineering and technology behind alternative energy.

  • Immerse yourself in an underwater world at the HydroLab! Guests will take aim in the water target gallery, launch water rockets, and explore H20 in various states at Fog Island.

  • Get ready to have a ball at Ballapalooza! Guests will operate simple machines to move a ball from the exhibit floor all the way to the top of an oil derrick.

  • In the Featured Hall, guests will have a rockin’ good time at the Rock It exhibit! Visitors will journey through geological features like hotspots, earthquakes, and magnetic polarity.

  • The Imaginarium will transport you beyond the four walls of the museum. With a projected environment of Oklahoma landscapes, guests will connect with the natural wonder of our great state.

The excitement and education doesn’t stop there! Learn about Discovery Lab exhibits, programs, events, and more HERE.