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Pedrito Martinez Group


September 9, 2018 @ 2:30 PM


QuikTrip Great Lawn

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Grand opening weekend continues to set the stage for what's to come during 100 Days of  Opening Celebration! On September 9, experience a diverse line-up of great music from Oklahoma's own, The Swon Brothers, plus the jazz stylings of Pedrito Martinez Group. More acts to be announced soon! 

QuikTrip Great Lawn Stage:

1:00PM - Paul Benjaman Band

2:30 PM - Pedrito Martinez Group

4:00 PM - The Swon Brothers

By Pedrito Martinez

I grew up in Havana, Cuba, in a neighborhood called Cayo Hueso. Traditional rumba was and still is being played all day in a park across the street from my family’s house, so I had that in my ears. Plus, I was surrounded by Cuban music of earlier generations, like Benny More and Arsenio Rodriguez, as well as timba groups that played high energy dance music, like Los Van Van and NG La Banda. Added to this was the jazz influence of Chucho Valdez with Irakere.

When I was about eighteen, Roman Diaz introduced me to the religious world of Yoruba culture. I fell in love with the music that was a big part of the religion, and this led to me becoming a priest years later.

When I was growing up we were not supposed to listen to American music. But we could pick up a few American radio stations and we’d turn the volume way down. We’d hear Stevie Wonder; Kool & the Gang; and Earth, Wind & Fire. I was very moved and influenced by what I heard.

I moved to New York in 1998. I was really hit by all the rhythms and melodies from all over the world that blend together in New York City. Jazz, funk, gospel, pop, rock, and all the beautiful flavors and colors that people have brought with them from every part of the planet, blend with the unstoppable energy of this great city. All of this can be felt in the music that resulted and that you will hear tonight.

Songs will include some that I composed; a few that were composed by Isaac Delgado Jr., our piano player; a song that the great Ruben Blades wrote especially for our second album; and songs by great Cuban groups like Los Muñequitos de Matanzas. I hope you enjoy it!


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