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Gathering Place is a home for spectacular, free events that showcase art, history, entertainment and culture from around the corner and around the world! Check out the event calendar to plan your visit. 

Our next Signature Event, Trucktoberfest, is bringing the top food trucks in the region for a one-day festival feast on October 12! Come hungry to try some of the most popular and unique food trucks of all time, all in one location. Roll into Gathering Place for one of the largest food truck events in the country – Trucktoberfest!

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Indigenous Celebration


November 9, 2019


QuikTrip Great Lawn

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Oklahoma is home to more than 39 Native American Tribes and Tulsa has long been proud of its native heritage. Together we seek to foster the strength of all the nations in creating one of the region’s most comprehensive Native American festivals. Indigenous Celebration will be a proud expression of music, dance, art, food, and fashion; where each nation will share its story and speak of their cultural legacy. This regionally renowned festival will provide a rare opportunity to meet Native artists and learn about contemporary Indian arts. Join us as we make history honoring the Native American Nations in an Indigenous Celebration unlike anything before!