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Experiences Like None Other

As part of our continued commitment to the safety of our staff, volunteers and Park guests, all Gathering Place on-site programs and events are canceled during our reopening process. Click HERE to view our full statement. 

Art Start


October 12, 2019 @ 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM


ONEOK Boathouse

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Join visual artist Laura Voth for a flower inspired art project on Saturday, October 12 inside ONEOK Boathouse!

Guests will choose from the large variety of flowers and plants found at Gathering Place to create a unique botanical drawing using new skills taught by Laura Voth. Learn how to enhance observational sketches and use your imagination on blind contours. Participants will also discuss sketching tips and tricks with other students and share what inspires their art!

As we move towards a more technical world, Art Start programs will highlight STEAM classes in a fun way for children to see that the arts and science are often integrated, not separate.


About Laura Voth

Laura Voth is an artist, art educator, and active art community member developing, facilitating, and administrating arts-based programming, events, and community experiences for audiences including children, teens, college students, adults, and people with dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Upon achieving her BA in Studio Art from Oral Roberts University, Laura has worked as the Community Programs Coordinator at the Philbrook Museum of Art, where she oversaw and facilitated programs such as Art Focus, the museum’s art & Alzheimer's program and The Collective, the museum’s first teen program. Recently, Laura achieved her Masters in Administrative Leadership from The University of Oklahoma and currently works as a visual artist and also teaches visual arts programming in collaboration with Tulsa organizations including AHHA, Masterwork Academy, Life Senior Services, Montereau, and others.

Laura Voth is also the founder of an arts program called The Backyard Series, an arts education tool created to help teachers and students connect with local artists in the comfort of their classrooms with the purpose of developing a more authentic community and inspiring new opportunities for career and personal growth within students. She also serves on multiple panel discussions for local and out of state universities and arts-based conferences discussing the role art plays in dialogue concerning various audiences while pursuing her goal of making the creative process accessible to all people.