Conservation Conversation: A Lecture Series
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Conservation Conversation: A Lecture Series


May 26, 2022 @ 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM


ONEOK Boathouse

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Join us each month to hear two local professionals speak about their work in the conservation field with the goal to inform and inspire us into action. A Q&A session will follow each presentation and light refreshments will be provided. Come learn about the amazing conservation and sustainability work happening in your own backyard and beyond! 

First 30 attendees will receive a free Photo Ark book signed by Joel Sartore!

Lecture Details: 
May 26th 
  • "WONDERGROUND: How a Life with Whales, Tropical Birds, and Chesapeake Bay Bugs has Inspired a Research Biologist to Teach Kids about the Natural World" - From oceans to the Amazon, Conservation Biologist Laurie Gillum has dedicated most of her life to studying endangered species, including cetaceans, chimps, birds and bugs. Her passion for the natural world led her on a suprising journey to teaching kids about how their relationship to the plants and animals around them can make a positive difference in the world.

  • "Conservation, Community and Culture” - Tulsa zookeeper CJ Maico will discuss his work in the conservation field and with organizations abroad, as well as talk about how issues of conservation pertain to local peoples. He will focus on how communities come together to support conservation efforts, highlighting the efforts of the Tulsa Zoo, and offer us ways that we can support conservation both globally and locally.

June 30th  
  • "Ecofriendly Gardening" - Learn about Gathering Place's ecofriendly gardening techniques from Director of Horticulture Stacie Martin. Gathering Place unites Tulsans through play, events, education, and beauty, while providing ecological benefits in an urban area. Stacie will discuss how the park's landscapes are designed to provide connectivity to the Arkansas River, habitat for migratory birds, and biodiversity needed for pollinators.

  • "Finding Unexpected Wonder in Everything: A Common Man's Journey with Nature" - Gathering Place Arborist Chris Gabbard walks us through his personal journey with the natural world and the career he has developed as a result, including his time at the Tulsa Zoo and working in tropical rainforests. He encourages us to develop and maintain a child-like fascination for nature in order to continue to care for our planet. 

July 28th  
  • "You and Sustainability" - Sustainability is about balancing the three p's - people, profit, and planet. Learn how you can improve your quality of life, savings, and ability to protect our natural resources. During this lecture by the Executive Director of Sustainable Tulsa, Corey Williams, you will learn about sustainable opportunities and actions you can take at home and in the workplace.

  • "Oklahoma and the Ocean" - How do people in Oklahoma affect the world’s oceans? Tulsa is 600 miles from the nearest coast, so it may seem that we have little impact, either positive or negative, on our oceans. Dr. Ann Money, Director of Development and Research at the Oklahoma Aquarium, will explain why our actions here in Tulsa are as important as those of coastal communities. Learn the impact on our aquatic world from a landlocked state and what we can do to help sustain ocean health.