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Who were the founders of the Park?

Gathering Place was the original idea of George Kaiser and his family foundation. Through collaboration with more than 80 corporate and philanthropic organizations, Gathering Place is a privately funded public park for all of Tulsa to enjoy. The George Kaiser Family Foundation has and continues to lead this Park project.

When did construction begin?

Construction began in September 2014. Phase I (66.5 acres) is scheduled to open September 8, 2018.

Who designed the Park?

Renowned landscape architectural firm Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates designed the unique Park with input from numerous Tulsans.

When will Riverside be accessible?

Riverside Drive is a City of Tulsa project and opening has been announced for September 10th. For the safety of staff, pedestrians and motorists, both the Park and the road must be fully completed before opening to public. 

Is there an admission fee to entering parts of Gathering Place?

Gathering Place is entirely free to the public. There are costs associated with food and drink, sports equipment rentals and retail.

Does Gathering Place close?

Park hours are 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Attractions and restaurants have separate hours. 

Where are the entrances to the Park?

For convenience, Gathering Place offers multiple entries where our guests can access the Park from different points of arrival. These entries are located near different parking areas as well as walking or cycling arrival points. 

How many parking spaces are there?

Gathering Place has 530 (23 ADA) permanent parking spaces throughout the Park, including four electric vehicle charging station spaces.  In addition, for Grand Opening, there are 1,420 (38 ADA) temporary parking spaces located on the southeast corner of 31st Street and Riverside Drive. Off-site parking with shuttle access to Gathering Place is offered on an as needed basis.

Can I reserve any part of the Park for events (including buildings)?

To keep our commitment to make Gathering Place available for all to enjoy, we will not take reservations or offer our facilities and spaces to rent at opening. All spaces, seating and activities are first come, first served to create an inclusive place for all to gather.

What is the plan for the Pedestrian Bridge?

A project of the City of Tulsa, the new pedestrian bridge will connect the west and east banks of the Arkansas River at 29th Street and Riverside Drive. The schedule for the project has not been finalized.

Can guests bring grills to cook on?

At this time, we cannot allow outside grills inside the Park due to safety regulations.