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Michael Van Valkenburg Associates designed Gathering Place’s horticulture style to be lush with thick, mixed plantings and a rural aesthetic. Species are planted in swaths and shifts, with mixtures of texture and color. Nature will guide the garden development as aggressive plants take over. Plants are designed to swallow up hard edges and rails, and the Park is designed with active resistance to an overly tidy look.  

The over-arching theme of the natural areas features a mixture of ecological regions found in Oklahoma including prairies, wetlands, and forests. Additionally, there are park-like explosions of grassy lawns, formal shrubs, flower displays, and secluded garden gems. 


Gathering Place features:
  • 66.5 acres

  • 400 species of plants

  • 16 acres of wildflowers of our own mix designed by Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

  • 1.2 million plants and shrubs

  • 400 trees were saved and 6000 new trees were planted during Park construction

  • Over 100 species of trees in the Park

  • 19 types of soil engineered to help the various species of plants grow and thrive in the Park

Growing To Gather

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