Red Oak Tree Removal from the Patio
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Stories from the park's horticulture team

Red Oak Tree Removal

A tree is our most intimate contact with nature”—George Nakashima

Species: red oak tree, Quercus sp.

Height: 110 feet

Age: 80-100 years

Trees offer many benefits to our world. Trees cool our streets and city, provide oxygen and food, clean the air, save water, beautify our space, and so much more. Just like humans, trees are susceptible to diseases and their health declines.

This red oak tree’s health was declining prior to construction of Gathering Place. Despite our horticulture team’s best efforts to revive it, the tree entered its final stage of life and had to be removed from the patio.

Preserving trees was important in the building process of Gathering Place. During construction, a raised patio was built above the roots of the trees, which allowed for the preservation of three major specimens in the patio area, including this red oak tree. This minimized damage to the trees located in the patio. Additionally, our horticulture team aerated the soil, which broke the soil to reverse any compaction that may have occurred during construction. The team also used high pressure air to break open the soil, known as air spading. Then, the team added organic matter and mulch*, while maintaining with proper watering. Unfortunately, we could not revive this red oak tree after years of nurturing it, and it was removed from the patio on November 29, 2021.

Gathering Place will replant this site in spring of 2022. More details will follow soon. 

*Fun fact: Pecan hulls were used as a thick mulch on top of the tree roots during construction. This was done to help maintain soil moisture and as a slight buffer for the pH in the area. Pecan hulls are often a good way to acidify soils.  Plus, as they break down, they provide important organic matter and nutrients back to the soil.