Love & Harmony
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Love & Harmony

Love & Harmony

January 15-April 30, 2021

“Love & Harmony” is an art installation dedicated to the citizens of Tulsa; celebrating the ethnic diversity and beauty of our cultural differences. This installation shares a message of hope and resilience through the expression of photography, mural paintings, and music. 

“Love & Harmony” is a thoughtful reminder of our common relationship as one city, one people, and one human race. We need love and harmony now, more than ever, as a unifying spark for our healing, our redemption, and our hope. All of the photographs, murals, messages, and speeches displayed in “Love & Harmony” are contributions from citizens of Tulsa, who collectively declare their solidarity and support for a city of forgiveness, a city of unity, and a city of hope. Where love and harmony is not just an inspiration, but rather our reality.

We are Tulsans. 

Mural Artists

"GOLDEN RECIPROCAL" by Alexander Tamahn

"Instilled Dream" by Justin Baney, Gabriel Rojas, George Alexander, & Eddye K. 


Shane Bevel of Shane Bevel Photography

Noah Kelly of JW Photography

James Parker of JW Photography

Hope Toliver of Hope Toliver Photography

Christina Ratzlaff of Christina Rose Photography

Jonathan Ratzlaff of Expressions Photography 

Joseph Rushmore


We would like to thank our community leaders for their inspirational narratives:
  • Pastor Sean Jarrett

  • Emeka Nnaka

  • Family & Children Services

  • Francisco Trevino

  • Hannibal Johnson

  • Pastor Jamaal Dyer

  • Jason Salsman

  • John Daughtery

  • Monica Basu

  • Mother Randle

  • Oklahoma Methodist Manor

  • Revered Dr. Robert Turner

  • Scott Stulen

  • Suzanne Schreiber

  • Dr. Tiffany Crutcher

  • Toni Moore

  • Muscogee (Creek) Nation- Second Chief Del Beaver

  • Integrity Lighting

  • Jeremy Chandler

  • Litgistix

  • Steven Howie - Route 66 Wraps & Signs

  • The Umbrella Button

  • Gathering Place Volunteers