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Cabana Murals

Tulsa artists collaborated with local non-profit organizations to design customized murals that were inspired by and created uniquely for Gathering Place. Through workshops and classes, the group of local artists involved students from Global Gardens, Tulsa Girls Art School and Youth Services of Tulsa to create one-of-a-kind artwork for guests to enjoy. This artwork can be viewed in the cabanas located in Chapman Adventure Playground.

About the Artists









May Yang is a Tulsa based artist, printer and designer. She works with printmaking and mixed media techniques to produce work that processes the information overload that has become common in our digital age.

May Yang facilitated a workshop on printmaking skills with students from Global Gardens, using the students’ inspiration and suggestions to complete the final design.

Sarah Sullivan / SULLYSTRING is a fiber artist, muralist, and everything in between. Her work is an escape to a world made of abstract confetti in varying colors and textures inspired by pasta noodles, children’s books and outer space. Her work aims to create warmer and more colorful spaces.

Sarah Sullivan created a workshop for Tulsa Girls Art School that focused on color, balance and nature. The girls painted, cut and drafted their ideas, allowing Sullivan to arrange the final design.


Krista Jo Mustain is a visual artist who specializes in hand dyed quilts and transformative environments for people who are serious about fun. Mustain’s work is bold and bright; she plays with layers of colors to bring unexpected pattern combinations to the surface. Her work is driven by an obsession with pattern, color and a desire to celebrate everyday activities.

Krista Jo Mustain worked with students at Youth Services of Tulsa, where students cut and arranged pieces of colored paper to create mini murals that were curated by Mustain for the final mural design.


Jake Beeson is a well rooted Tulsa native who is involved in his community. Beeson’s large scale, vibrant work can be seen throughout the city of Tulsa and surrounding states. Inspired by music, graffiti, and comic book characters, his work can be easily recognized. From mixed media to large scale murals, he takes pride in clean lines and vibrant colors.

Jake Beeson created an outline of a blue heron, and students from Youth Services of Tulsa filled in the outline with written words inspired by their observations in nature and from photographs of Gathering Place.


Justin Baney has a passion for creativity, photography, travel and design. Baney is a mixed media artist that focuses on clean lines, shapes, depth and color in his work. Baney co-founded Clean Hands in 2013 and has since been working tirelessly to push his creativity to the next level.

Inspired by rips, tears, color and shapes, Tulsa Girls Art School helped concept this mural by creating their own small mural compositions that artist Justin Baney used for inspiration on the final design.

Jeremy Fields is a descendent of the Pawnee Tribe of Oklahoma, Crow Tribe of Montana and the  Chickasaw Tribe of Oklahoma. Fields has worked extensively as a leadership trainer throughout Indian country and is passionate about empowering tribal communities, specializing in facilitating internal (mental, emotional, psychological) healing for youth and adults. Fields is spearheading an initiative focused on bringing awareness to the lasting effects of historical/intergenerational trauma and its implications upon the Native American family structure.

Fields partnered with students from Global Gardens, who used color and balance when creating their mural. Inspired by the outdoors, the mural pays tribute to things seen in nature.



Global Gardens empowers low-income students to be agents of change in their own lives and communities through inquiry-based science and peace education. Global Gardens believes helping students create a garden is a way not only to assist them in learning about science, health and the environment, but also to challenge them to become caring, forward-thinking and confident individuals.




Youth Services of Tulsa (YST) values and accepts all youth, supporting and challenging them to embrace their potential. YST constantly adapts to stay on top of the ever-changing, increasingly complex needs of young people, ages 12 to 24 and offers a wide array of innovative and proven programs focused on counseling, runaway and homeless youth, delinquency prevention and youth development.  




Tulsa Girls Art School empowers underserved girls in grades 3-12 through visual arts education in a supportive environment teaching financial management and life skills.