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First Winter Wonderland at Gathering Place to Bring Something New to Tulsa Holidays

Tulsa has a host of outstanding events and festive places that make the holidays special, said Tony Moore, executive director of Gathering Place.

But this year, they’ll have another destination — filled with all of the spectacle and nostalgia of the season — to visit with family and friends...

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at Friday, November 30, 2018

Gathering Place Unveils World Premiere of ‘Cabinet of Wonder’ by World Renowned Artist Mark Dion

The Cabinet of Wonder, a Mark Dion project done in collaboration with Mark Scogin and Merrill Elam-Architects, opened to the public at the Gathering Place ONEOK Boat House on Saturday, Nov. 3. The first-of-its-kind installation is the inaugural piece of a program in which various recognized artists will travel to Gathering Place to leave their mark on Tulsa by creating public art installations throughout the park...

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My 2 Cents: The Gathering Place A Sight To Behold

I've been hearing about it for months, Tulsa's new park near downtown called The Gathering Place.

So, when we were in Tulsa for the day this past weekend we had to go see if it lives up to all of the hype.

In a word, YES! This park cost more than $400 million to build, most of it privately funded, and a good chunk of that from Tulsa billionaire George Kaiser. And it is amazing.

I think the best way to describe it is to compare it to the Oklahoma City Zoo.

I shot the shaky video above on my cell phone...

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Curiouser and Curiouser: 'Cabinet of Wonder' Exhibit Opens at Gathering Place Boathouse

The phrase “Cabinet of Wonder” could easily apply to most of the work artist Mark Dion has created throughout his career.

Dion’s site-specific installations create unique worlds out of hundreds of found objects, all carefully arranged so that the familiar and the exotic are juxtaposed in ways to spark the viewer’s imagination.

On Saturday, Dion’s most recent work, titled “Cabinet of Wonder,” will open to the public in the ONEOK Boathouse at Gathering Place. It is the first art exhibit to be installed in the park...

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at Saturday, November 3, 2018

Gathering Place Attendance Exceeds 300,000 During First Month

Sarah Ingle is exactly the kind of person Gathering Place Executive Director Tony Moore has been hearing from all the time this past month.

Ingle and her daughters, Janna, 5, and Abigail, 2, made their third visit to the park on Friday. According to Moore, they’re not alone in making multiple trips to the $400 million attraction in its first month of operation.

“I run into people in the park that say, ‘Look, this is my fifth time this week’, or, ‘Since you’ve opened, I’ve been there 20 times,’ ” said Moore. “It’s a little mind boggling.”...

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at Monday, October 8, 2018

State of Play

American Way-American Airlines Magazine

Against the red brick wall of a disused building on New York’s Governors Island, a small crowd of children has built a shantytown out of wooden pallets and old couches. A ravaged boat hull juts out of the debris, as does a tangle of mannequin torsos. A boy, perhaps 8 years old, climbs a ladder atop a wooden fort, triumphantly raising a golf putter above his head. From where he stands, it’s a 12-foot drop to the ground, and for a wobbly moment it looks as if he might fall. But then he grins, king of the castle, and clambers down to join his playmates below...

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at Monday, October 1, 2018

15 Best Playgrounds in the United States

It's your first destination on a beautiful Saturday morning, your go-to for an after-school playdate, and one of the most reliable resources when you're fresh out of parenting inspiration—the playground. The exciting world of playground design is something you can't replicate in the isolation of your own backyard or even in the school parking lot...

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at Friday, September 28, 2018

7 Ridiculously Affordable Fall Vacations for 2018

...1. Tulsa, OK
Tulsa is a city that has come into its own in recent years, with an explosion of public art and family-friendly activities, plus low-cost dining and lodging options. This destination tops our list with the opening of the Gathering Place this fall, one of the largest parks in the U.S. Its 100 acres are filled with recreation options, such as hiking and biking trails, an interactive water maze, an enchanted fairyland, and towers linked by rope bridges — and it’s all free...

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at Thursday, September 27, 2018

A Short Guide to Tulsa’s New $465 Million Park

On September 8, Tulsa celebrated the grand opening of Gathering Place, a new park beside the Arkansas River near the city’s Maple Ridge neighborhood. The goal behind it, says Executive Park Director Tony Moore, is to bring together Tulsans from all walks of life so they can enjoy a shared experience. That’s not unusual—but Gathering Place is very different from the average public park in its variety of spaces and sheer scale...

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at Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Gathering Place becoming hot spot for birding, butterflies and more critter-watching

With croaks and squeaks barely audible over the din of conversation, children laughing, people on bicycles and skateboards racing past, large white birds with 5-foot wingspans spiraled in to roost at Gathering Place Thursday evening.

“People roll on by and don’t even notice,” avid birder and longtime Audubon Society member Jeff Cox noted...

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at Tuesday, September 18, 2018

New Leaf Clients Explore the Gathering Place

TULSA -- A New Leaf brought a few of their clients to the Gathering Place to check it out. 

Job coaches at the nonprofit for people with disabilities take the clients on field trips to explore what Tulsa has to offer.

Tuesday, they ventured out to the new, highly-talked about park on Riverside Drive...

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at Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The Gathering Place Becomes a Reality

The official opening of the Gathering Place was held Sept. 8 with a huge thank you to the George Kaiser Family Foundation and an extraordinary dream to transform nearly 100 acres of Tulsa’s iconic waterfront along the scenic Arkansas River into a dynamic, interactive environment.

The idea for the Gathering Place came together because, according to Gathering Place literature, “Citizens of Tulsa needed a welcoming, natural space where members of our diverse communities could come together to explore, learn and play.”...


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at Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Gathering Place Rainbow Lasers Wash Over Tulsa 'as a Light for Hope and Unity'

An artificial rainbow lit up the night sky Wednesday.

But fear not, fellow Tulsans. It was simply a test of the “Global Rainbow,” a temporary installation created by artist Yvette Mattern to draw people from all four directions to the Gathering Place.

The laser lights — red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet — will be aimed in a different direction over the next four days: first north, then east, then south and then west...

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at Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Sports Courts Unveiled at Gathering Place, but Park Will Have More Sports Amenities to Offer

Ambassadors for Tulsa’s Gathering Place on Tuesday unveiled five sports courts, revealing only about a third of the park’s sports offerings.

Lee Mayberry, a Gathering Place park ambassador, shared the courts Tuesday with Tulsa media outlets. The skate park and BMX tracks were not included in the reveal...

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at Tuesday, August 28, 2018

On the Night Shift: Workers Push to Finish Gathering Place Construction in Still of Evening

The sun is setting on construction at the Gathering Place.

Under the resultant glow of the moon, workers are busy putting the finishing sparkle on the $465 million riverfront park, which is scheduled to open to the public Sept. 8...

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at Monday, August 27, 2018

Gathering Place Holds Appreciation Day Preview for Construction Team

In two weeks the Gathering Place will open, giving families across Green Country a one-of-a-kind place to play.

Saturday is Construction Appreciation Day so everyone who helped make the park a reality had the chance to bring their family along to enjoy it...

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at Sunday, August 26, 2018

Security Plan in Place at Tulsa's Gathering Place

TULSA, Okla. - 

Officials at The Gathering Place said they have a security team and policies in place so that people can feel safe when attending the new state of the art park in Tulsa.

Park Director Tony Moore said they have looked at other security plans of large parks across the nation and have taken some ideas to use...

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at Friday, August 24, 2018

Is This the New Central Park? 

(10:45 am EST) -- Move over, Central Park.

The Gathering Place -- set to open in Tulsa, Oklahoma -- is a 100-acre, free-admission park designed for visitors of all ages...

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at Monday, August 20, 2018

Gathering Place Prepping for Opening by Assembling Staff of 150 Full-, Part-Time Staffers

Assembling a staff for the $465 million Gathering Place is a herculean task.

But it’s one Park Director Tony Moore is eager to take on.

Officials are busy hiring about 150 part- and full-time employees for the Gathering Place opening on Sept. 8. Another 50 employees could join the staff in the park’s first month, he said...

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at Friday, August 10, 2018

Tulsa's Gathering Place Getting National Attention

With just four weeks remaining before Tulsa’s Gathering Place officially opens, the state-of-the-art park has begun to turn heads around the country.

The latest example, a lengthy article in the New York Times, entitled “Transforming Tulsa, Starting With a Park.”

The article details the history of the park’s development, beginning with billionaire philanthropist George Kaiser and his dream of not just building a unique and wonderful playground, but something that would bring Tulsans of all races, ethnicities, backgrounds, and economic classes together...


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at Friday, August 10, 2018