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Park Characters

Our Park Characters

We are excited to introduce to you our Park characters, Blue the Heron, Tulsey the Turtle and Hazelnut the Squirrel, who will be representing the Park.

Who Are The Characters?


Blue loves the great outdoors and has a deep connection to our environment and the outside. Herons migrate alone or with a flock from Southern Canada, over the United States, to South America. On the trip south this year, Blue spotted Gathering Place from up in the sky. Impressed by the Wetland Gardens and Adventure Playground, Blue decided to make Gathering Place home. The Arkansas River is Blue’s favorite place to watch for fish and make new friends.

Height: 7’0

Birthplace: Canada

Favorite Food: Sushi, hold the rice

Favorite Ice Cream at Redbud Cafe: Caramel

Favorite Book: Henry the Impatient Heron

Favorite Color: Pink like my glasses

Likes: Canoeing, catching butterflies, making new friends

Dislikes: Windy days, loud sounds



Tulsey loves playing all types of sports, including the four sports we host at the Sport Courts: basketball, volleyball, soccer, and street hockey.  Tulsey also loves the skate track and BMX pump track, but he’s still learning how to ride a scooter. Since Tulsey grew up along the Arkansas River, he loves the water! Tulsey is most looking forward to the canoes, kayaks, and paddleboats opening next Spring at Peggy’s Pond!

Height: 6’0

Birthplace: Arkansas River

Favorite Food: Crickets and Carrots

Favorite Ice Cream at Redbud Cafe: White Chocolate Raspberry

Favorite Book: How the Turtle Got Its Shell

Favorite Color: Orange like a basketball

Likes: Learning to ride my scooter, eating new foods, walking along the river

Dislikes: Running, winter, soup



Hazelnut is a loyal friend with a passion for literacy and the arts. She lived in the Reading Tree during the construction of Gathering Place, watching it come to life from start to finish. She also loves to dance, so watch for her busting a dance move with the Gather Round Crew! Hazelnut can’t wait to join story time at the Reading Tree or explore the Cabinet of Wonder in the Boathouse.

Height: 6’0

Birthplace: Near the Reading Tree

Favorite Food: Nuts and fruit

Favorite Ice Cream at Redbud Cafe: Butter Pecan

Favorite Book: Squirrel’s Acorn

Favorite Color: Brown like trees, dirt, and acorns

Likes: Digging, reading, exploring new things

Dislikes: Dogs, rain, naps