Self-Guided Park Activities
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Self-Guided Park Activities

Self-Guided Park Activities 

Discover new ways to explore the Park on your next visit to Gathering Place with our Self-Guided Park activities! From Scavenger Hunts to Wellness Guides, each easy-to-follow activity offers a unique outdoor experience for all ages. Try out one of our Self-Guided activities below!

Explorer paCks

Gathering Place provides free access to backpacks filled with educational activities to do at the park. Explorer Pack themes include Geology, Engineering, and Nature Exploration. Each Explorer Pack is filled with prompt cards, hands-on activities, educational games, and toys. Guests may check out Explorer Packs by leaving their ID with a Guest Services representative at the Welcome Center in Williams Lodge during operating hours.

Bird Watching

With over 6,000 trees, three acres of pond water, and 11 different ecosystems throughout the Park, Gathering Place is flocking with birds! Use our bird watching guide below to see how many different species you can spot.  

hydro hunt

Explore the various water elements at Gathering Place and Discovery Lab with Hydro Hunt! 

self-guided horticulture tour

Gathering Place is 66.5 acres of engagement, education, and excitement! Landscape designers Michael Van Valkenburg (MVVA) shaped the park with a lush and wild horticulture style. You can follow this self-guided horticulture tour to view the park's native plants, wildlife, and flower displays all while learning fun facts about the park! 

Scavenger Hunts

With 66.5 acres of Gathering Place to explore, there's always something new growing and living in the Park!  Use one of our self-guided Scavenger Hunts below to see how many new discoveries you can uncover!

Wellness Guides

Gathering Place is your destination for fitness and wellness! From the Energy Transfer Sports Courts to the biking trails, we have something for every athlete. There are many unique ways to add activity into every Park visit! Try out one of our wellness guides below for fun and unique tips for staying active throughout Gathering Place.

Park Attraction Activities

Learn through play and discover something new about your favorite spot in the Park with our easy to follow Park Attraction Activity Guides!