Sunday Family Nature Walks
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Sunday Family Nature Walks

At-Home Family Nature Walks

Gathering Place is home to a huge variety of wildlife because the park is a wonderful habitat with plenty of resources. With our Backyard Family Nature Walk Guide, you can become a cartographer for animals and create a treasure map for wildlife living near your home! The treasure map you create will indicate where wildlife can find their way to food, shelter and safety. This fun, family activity will spark your observational and critical thinking skills, as well as help you develop an eye for detail.

This activity is great for families to work on together, or for children 6 and up to try independently.

2021 At-Home Activity


2020 At-Home Activity



Every third Sunday of the month, spend your day strolling through the Park as you learn about nature and explore the many ecosystems that call Gathering Place their home at Sunday Family Nature Walk! After your walk, make a craft as a memento of your nature experience! Sunday Family Nature Walks are free and open for all ages!


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